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Fairly traded, ethically sourced, hand-felted slippers

These cosy slippers are hand-made in the Himalayas from a blend of yak and sheep wool and are incredibly soft and non-itchy.
Sloopers are double felted for extra thickness and so are extremely warm and really keep the winter chills at bay.

The sole is also made of felt and is first glued, then sewn onto the slipper.
Resin has been drizzled over the felt sole to toughen it and to provide grip and prevent slipping on smooth floor surfaces.

As these Sloopers are made of felt, they conform to the shape of your foot after a couple of days, giving you a truly comfortable and unique slipper.

Use them as your house shoe or you can even bring them to yoga/pilates/meditation as they keep you feet snuggly warm before and after class.