Sencha Superior & Jinkoya Sandelwood Kokonoe koh

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The essence of the Land of the Rising Sun

Nothing represents Japan more beautifully then their take on incense and tea; therefore we've paired these two great products together to give you a deep insight in their culture: Kokonoe-koh is an exquisite incense commemorating the founder of Baieido Incense Co., Jinkoya Sakubei (1657) and Sencha Superior Organic is a fresh tasting, easy to drink green tea, one of Japans favorites.

Burn the incense while preparing and drinking the Sencha, this way you activate all your senses: your nose to absorb the aroma of the tea and incense, your mouth to pallet all the flavors, your eyes to gaze upon the colors of the tea and swirls of incense smoke and your hands for experiencing the warmth and texture of the chawan.

Jinkoya Sandelwood Kokonoe-koh

A traditional mix of sandalwood and fine aloeswood with a subtle blend of herbs and spices.

Recognisable sandalwood scent with a hint of aloeswood; pleasant, warm dark, masculine scent.
Nicely topped of by a complex aroma of herbs and spices.
Lingers for a long time.

Perfect for meditation!
In Japan, frequently given to relatives and good friends as token of friendship and esteem.

50 gram,  approx. 100 sticks (14 cm long)

Sencha Superior Organic

At Hibiki-an only the first flush or Ichiban Cha (first harverst of the year) is used thus ensuring that the a robust but void of bitter flavour and an obvious present fresh aroma. It has a high vitamin content, is rich in caffeïne and contains more of the beneficial nutrient catechin than other green teas.

Sencha Superior is a refreshing green tea that can be enjoyed at all times.

Organic sencha (green tea)

100 grams

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