Rhum Mix Combo (organic)

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Make your own exotic rhum mix cocktails!

Organic ingredients and a great looking 'pirate bottle' made from recycled glass is your starting point, then add 1 litre of white rhum, be patient for 3 weeks and finally enjoy your own cocktail.

Two great classics: Salsa (Brazilian) and Reggae (Jamaican)

Use the basic recipe on the card or feel free to let your inspiration run free, you can't go wrong.
Use as a base for moijtos, pina colada, serve as an aperitive, add fruit for a delicious dessert or add to you favourite cake batter...

Ingredients Salsa mix:
Lemon grass, cinnamon sticks, lemon peel, ginger pieces, mint leaves
Organic origin

Ingredients Reggae mix:
Lemon grass, orange peel, cinnamon sticks, lemon peel, vanille pod, orange tree leaves, star anise, elderflowers
Organic origine