Rose of Jericho

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The plant that never dies!

A miracle of nature, surviving hundreds of years without soil and water, in extreme heat, this remarkable plant can be brought to bloom many times over.

To bring to bloom just pour water, icecold of piping hot, and watch how the dry apparently lifeless twigs start to turn green again.
After just a few hours soaked in water, the Rose has opened and is sports a bright green colour. After a few days, the plants needs to wither again.

Bryan De Smaele, Wednesday 17. June, 2009
De plant kwam 1 dag na betaling al aan. Na wat water bloeit ze al snel open. Vriendelijke en snelle service en goeie kwaliteit.
Elizabeth Lloyd, Thursday 01. October, 2009
Goed verpakt, snel geleverd! Prima service! Bedankt!
myriam verpeet, Tuesday 03. November, 2009
Ik ben echt h

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