Pinus Cembra vaporizer

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Natural wooden vaporizer

The vaporizers made from Swiss Stone Pine wood fit beautifully into every room.

The aroma of the Swiss Stone Pine essential oil brings nature into your home, having a soothing, relaxing effect and giving you strength and energy. It is especially recommended in case of a cold or respiratory problems. Swiss Stone Pine essential oil neutralizes odours in the room (kitchen odours, cigarette smoke, etc.) and contributes to a better atmosphere.exposure to a Swiss Stone Pine may improve sleep making nights more restful and restorative

Put the attached shavings of the Swiss Stone Pine into the vaporizer hole, and pour 5-10 drops of the Swiss Stone Pine essential oil on them.

1 Pinus Cembra vaporizer (oval) H12 x D9 cm
1 bag Pinus Cembra  shavings
1 bottle Pinus Cembra essential oil 10 ml

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