Orang Malu statue (6 cm)

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Also known as the Yogi man and Weeping Buddha

This lovely wooden Orang malu is suited for your office/workspace, to be part of your althar and even practical to take along trips or on holiday.

Litteraly orang means human and malu means shy, here interpreted as modest or introverte, pointing  to his innerstrength.
The Yogi man weeps for the suffering he sees in this world, but at the same time he is happy because he is at peace with himself.

Interior design suggestions:
Place the Yogi man facing a door and he will ward off evil, sit him left of a doorway and everyone who passes will be cleansed.
If you treat him right, he will protect you from harm and takes your worries away everytime you stroke him.

Height: 6 cm
Width: 5 cm
Depth: 6 cm
Weight: 0.15 kgs