Eye pillow with Amethyst

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Soothing eyepillow

This 100% pire silk eyepillow is filled with flax seeds and small amethyst gems.

Soft silk feels cool and sooths the eyes, the flaxseed contours perfectly the face blocking light and the amethyst gems also have a calming effect and add a comfortable weight to the pillow.
You can perfume the pillow with some drops out of the bottle of lovely scented synergy of essential oils of b
ergamot, lavender and sandelwood.

All this makes it perfect for relaxing the eyes and facial muscles.

Perfect after a hard day at the office, at the end of a yoga session 
(savasana) or when taking a powernap.

The silk cover can be removed and cold washed (the flaxseeds and amethyst stones are secured in a linnen bag with zipper).

Silk eye pillow and a 5ml bottle of essential oils.

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