Oil & resin burner

Model: 12200
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Gentle diffusion of oil or resins, ancient ingredients of incense

This burner can be used to diffuse oil and resins.

Fill up on the top two-thirds of the dish with water (for diffusing oils) or sand (for resins).
Light the candle and place your choice of oil of resins in the dish (keep the water filled up so as not to burn the oils).
The fragrance is emitted after a few minutes when the water or sand reaches the right temperature. You can make up your own mixtures of resins, spices (tea, cloves, pepper etc.) or essential oils to create a natural interior perfume according to your taste. Share your recipes with us and awaken the sleeping perfumer in you!

Material: black natural stone with celtic engraving frieze
Diameter: W8 x H11 cm

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