Ocote Resin Wood

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Ocote, the Mayan word for "torch"

These highly fragrant pine wood sticks are 100% natural material with no artificial chemicals. Very easy to light, burning strong and producing a sweet and pleasant smelling pine odour.

Ocote is a collective name for naturally fast growing pine woods from Central America which have very high pitch resin content.
It is been used traditionally by the native people to light fires for heating and cooking purposes for hundreds of years.

Simply light with a match or lighter and the Ocote sticks will produce a flame even in the most damp conditions.
Ideal for starting a charcoal or wood fire, or just burn a piece for the ambience of the scent. 

Ocote is the recommended lighting method for clay chimeneas, as burning Ocote wood will not crack the Chimenea.

-/+ 200 grams (20 cm long sticks)

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