Nordic Summer (Natursmorning)

Model: 71110
Manufacturer:Wilma Naturprodukter
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Traditional Scandinavian insect repellant

People of the European high north know well first hand what a pest mosquitos can be in the summer.
But for centuries they have the perfect weapon to protect themselves, Wilmas Nordic Summer!

Bees wax, beck oil, pine tar

Apply regularly to the exposed skin of hands and neck; use carefully on the face and avoid the area around the eyes.
Can also be apply on the fur of animals.

Not suited for people with sensitive skin.
Has a punguent odor of burnt pine wood.

35 grams



Charles Jeffries, Sunday 14. June, 2015
Looks like a small tin of shoe polish, but it does a great job at repelling mosquitoes and flies. I first used this on a moose hunt in the Fall of 2012 in Alaska. Little is needed, just a smear on the wrists, neck and any other exposed areas. This has a more pungent scent than Beck Olja, but seems to be more durable and effective. It appeared to last 10-12 hours in the wetlands of Alaska and was water repellent. I left one tin with my cousin and one with a family friend as they loved how effective it was. It is too bad that there are no dealers in the USA with this product, but I will continue to buy it from Europe and pay the extra shipping fees with the knowledge that I am buying great natural products that work!

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