Mushroom Green Coffee Mix

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Mushroom Coffee, designed to help you shed pounds

This instant coffee mix is packed with goodies:

  • mycotoxin free 100% Arabica coffee beans to give it that delicious coffee taste and body that we all love
  • dual extracted chaga to lower the acidity
  • dual extracted maitake mushroom to help regulate your blood sugar
  • green coffee beans to help aid in weight loss

The benefits:
The high quality coffee fires up the nervous system, which sends direct signals to the fat cells and tells them to break down fat. Caffeine also boosts our metabolism to further aid with weight loss.
Maitake is known as the “weight loss” mushroom because it helps to lower blood sugar levels.
Green Coffee beans to help reducing the absorption of carbohydrates, which then helps lower blood sugar and insulin spikes.

As a regular coffee: add 3 grams (about small coffeespoon) of mushroom coffee powder into a mug and add 200-250 ml of hot water, a quick swirl and it's ready.
But you can also add the powder to your favorite smoothie for that extra punch.

100% Arabica Instant Coffee, Chaga dual extract, Maitake dual extract, Green coffee bean extract (45% Chlorogenic acid)

All vegan, gluten free, GMO-free and no additives or preservatives.

Resealable pouch 30 grams (good for 10 portions)


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