Mugwort smudge stick

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Manufacturer:Juniper Ridge
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Authentic smudge stick, fresh from the mountains

Mugwort, also known as Dream Weed for its unique ability to stimulate dreams, is found in the mountains of the West Coast from California north through British Columbia.

It is renowned as a smudging herb for its subtle, sweet scent and dream-inducing qualities.
So burn a little before you go to sleep and dream sweet dreams of wildflower meadows heavy with the smell of the waning winter rains and new green life rising all around you.

These smudge sticks are about 20 cm long, bound by organic hemp twine and comes in a 100% biodegradable packaging of recycled chipboard and vegetable-based plastic bag.

In combination with e.g. a natural abalone shell, you can use the mugwort in your own spiritual ritual.

50 grams

Juniper Ridge

The jolly folks at Juniper Ridge take sustainable entrepeneurship very serious:
they harvest parts of wild plants in such a way that the plants themselves are not harmed in any way what so ever;
the packaging is 100% eco-friendly, made out of recycled chipboard and vegetable-based plastic;
the company donates 10%of its profits to organisations defending Western nature.


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