Midgårds Øl

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Beer with honeywine

Midgårds Øl is brewed from selected malt and hop sorts, and the good water, that is pumped up a few meters from the spring of Ørbæk on Funen.

After the brewing process 1 part of GL. Dansk Mjod is added to 4 parts of beer.

Midgårds Øl is a perfect marriage between the bitterness of beer with the sweetness of mead.

The light sparkling beer is unfiltered and cloudy amber coloured with a white collar that dissapates quite quickly.
The scent is unmistakenly honey and the flavour is a playfull pallet between bitter, dusty hops, fruity citrus (grape fruit), spicy ginger and honey flavoured melons.
The complexity of the flavours is beautifully freshened up by the carbon acid that makes itself gentle present in your mouth.

Alcohol percentage:
10.0% vol

Midgårds Øl is a powerful beer with a high alcohol percentage, therefor demanding respect.
Ideal as aperitive as alternative for champagne, served with chilled cubes of melon, or as a dessert wine with old cheese.
Chilled it is perfect on a warm day, or served what warmer on a cold day.

The flavour is at its best when served below 10°C, with the ideal temperature at 7-8°C.

The best way to serve is on a long champagne-like glass, poured in slowly en gently so you avoid the collar.


On Dansk Mjod

The oldest known recipe for mead to be written down in the Nordic countries was in 1520 by the Archbishop Olaus Magnus.
The recipe comprised of water, honey, hops and brewers yeast, and concludes that "on the eight day - or earlier in case of emergency - the mead may be drunk, but the longer it is left, the purer, better and healthier it will get."

Dansk Mjod from Denmark brews the traditional way, using only 100% natural ingredient, without any kind of additives.
Recipes goes back to 1700 AD.


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