MaKao Classic Chocolate mix drink (raw & organic)

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PureRaw Superfood cocoa - the exotic taste of MaKao Classic

Selected cocoa beans, matured under the sun of South America and finished in raw food quality. Incredibly invigorating and deliciously tasty cocoa.
Naturally and ethically produced cocoa powder, refined by the addition of the finest, aromatic superfoods. Carob powder refines the chocolate aroma, Maca powder gives it a delicate, coffee nut note and Lucuma fruit powder makes it melt wonderfully, sweet and creamy on the tongue.

This lovingly handmade ready-to-drink mix awakens unimaginable forces, makes you positive, balances and keeps you fit in all situations.
A fine "crema" can be created by preparing in a blender.

Enjoy our MaKao Classic cold in the summer and warm in the winter.

Stir 2-3 teaspoons of our MaKao Classic in 200 ml milk or nut milk and sweeten as desired. Finished!

Cocoa, maca, lucuma, carob, vanilla, stone salt

From organic farming

190 grams