Beach towel Flower of Life (organic cotton)

Model: 703005
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Manufacturer:Spirit of Om
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Comfort combined with great looks and eco-friendlyness

Made out of organic cotton this towel feels great and has enormeous absoption ability.
Lovely decorated with several different flower of life motives.

Due its large size of 198 x 88 cm it can be used in several ways: take it along to the beach or picknick, at the spa (for massage, steamroom, sauna), for drying off after swimming and bathing..

But this towel can be used during the lying stage at the end of your yoga routine. But it’s equally helpful and very much recommended as extra cushioning during certain asana’s like shoulder stances by folding it a couples of times to make a soft yoga block. It is a good substitute for a bolster in restorative poses and Pranayama practice.

This towel can also be used during meditation sessions as a support tucked under the knees, draped as a shawl around the waist to let your hands rest comfortably or wrapped around you to keep your body warm.

This dimentions is according the stipulations of feng shui and in the corner are precious gems sown in for energy.

Fabric: 100% organic cotton
Color: amethyst (purple)
Size: 198 x 88 cm
Weight: 915 grams

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