Smudge feathers Legal Eagle

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Smudge feathers

Authentic smudge rituals are conducted by fanning smoke with the feathers of American Eagles.
An old law states that only Native Americans can own and use feathers of eagles in ceremonies. Therefore in many occasions, substitute feathers are used, the so-called legal eagles.

Two Legal Eagle handpainted swan feathers tied together in the traditional Native American way by coarse wool, coloured beads and a masterbead of palm wood.

The swan is a bird that carries a lot of mystisism in both European and Native American culture.
In European mythology the swan represents emotion, creativity, dreaming, beauty and elegance;
For the Native Americans, it is a symbol of nurturing, innocence and elegance.

This makes swan feathers ideal for use in smudge or other ceremonies.

Approx. 30 cm

michaela bogaarts, Friday 29. July, 2011
Hallo, Ik wou u even laten weten dat ik men bestelling vandaag heb mogen ontvangen. Hartelijk dank hiervoor en ik zal zeker nog meer bij u gaan bestellen. mvg. michaela

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