Camel skin lamp (21cm) 2

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Manufacturer:Binkey Kok
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Handicraft of the city of Multan (Pakistan)

These beautifull handmade table top lamp is made out of camel skin parchment and nicely decorated with  floral design in uplifting colours.

The subdued light emitted by the parchment create a delightful 1001-Arabian Nights ambiance.

21 cm

The Production process

A clay craftsman moulds clay according to the required design.
Then a freshly tanned camel skin, with all flesh, fat and hair removed, is stretched over the mould and allowed to dry for 36 to 48 hours.
After the skin hardened, it is hit with a stick thus breaking the clay mould leaving only the shaped skin.
The decoration are handpainted on with water and oil colours after which lacker or varnish is applied to preserve the lamp.