Kyphi set (Egyptian incense)

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Incense of the Pharaos

Kyphi or cyphi is the Greek translation of ancient Egyptian incense mixes, mostly used by priests for religeoeus and medicinal purposes.
kyphi is made according ancient recipes found on the walls of tombs and temples with ingredients close to the original vrsions.

Our set contains:
30 grams kyphi incense balls
1 terracotta dish
1 bag of sand
1 roll of charcoal tablets
1 box of matches

Kyphi has a sweet, strong scent.

Pour the sand in the dish and light a charcaol tablet to burn a kyphi ball.
Kyphi is traditionally used to highten the dream state; it is suggested to burn kyphi only in the late afternoon or evening, preferably just before retiring to bed.

Kyphi produces a thick heavy smoke and it is recommended to leave the room untill the smoke has dissapated.

Raisin (organic), heavy red wine, honey, mastic, mirrhe, benzoë, olibanum, coriander, styrax, rose petals, sandelwood powder, cinnamon, cardemom, vetiver, galanga, juniper berries, kalmus, fenegric, labdanum

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