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Young superfoods

Sprouts are true superfoods as this is the phase between seed and mature plant that is the most vital in the plant's life: the necessay force to start life is collected out of the seed and transmitted in easy to digest nutrients. 
Sprouts contain valuable minerals as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosfer and potassium. As to booth these minerals are linked to amino acids, they are much more easily digested then those of mature plants.

The organic Brassicamix is a mix of cruciferous vegetables (Brassicaceae): broccoli, red cabbage and rutabaga.
These Cruciferae contain glucosinolates that are important in preventing cancer and vascular diseases.

The culinary uses of the
Brassicamix is only limited by your imagination: suited in salads, sandwiches, to add to warm dishes, soups, omelets...
Because of the beautiful color palet of the sprouts, you can use the mix also as an edible garnice.

Flemish/Dutch direction on how to grow the sprouts.

125 gram organic sprout seeds of broccoli, red cabbage and rutabaga.


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