Khmer statue

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Meditating man

We know very little of this statue, except that it came from a German private collection and it probably is of Cambodian origin.
Age, symbolism and exact place of origin is not known.

It depicts a meditating man (Buddha?), holding (undetermined) ritual objects in both hands.
His upper body is undressed, he wears his long hair in a knot and he has elongated earlobes (like Buddha).

The statue is made out of copper and has suffer a bit over the years; there traces of sand/clay on the surface and the patina is an uneven blue-green.
The core has been filled with a hard claylike mixture, probably from recent origin; we assume that this has been done to protect the statue from deformation or to elevate its weight.

Despite all, it is an intriguing and aesthetic image, truly an item for the enthousiasts!

Material: copper
Weight: 1.725 kgs
Height: 23 cm
Width: 17 cm
Depth: 9 cm