Traditional Church incense vessel (Thurible)

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Christian censer

The word "thurible" comes from the Latin term "thuribulum", it has the root "thur", meaning incense. The Latin "thur"is an alteration of the Greek word "thuos", which is derived from the term "thuein", meaning to sacrifice.

Our thurible consist out of a copper bowl and lid and can be suspended from three chains.

The workings of a thurible are quite simple.
Burning charcoal is put inside the metal censer. Incense is placed upon the charcoal. This may be done several times as the incense burns quite quickly. Once the incense has been placed on the charcoal the thurible is then closed and used for censing.

Material: copper
Total heigth (bowl and lid): 15 cm
Diameter bowl: 9 cm

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