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Authentic Christian incense

Based on old recipes developed by the monks, this blend of pure frankincense, myrhe and other resins from Arabia and Africa has its own distinctive fragrance and aromas, easily recognizable as Christian incense.

This St. Michael mix is a very soft scented churche incense; it calms and gives a feeling a protection as inspired by the Arch Angel self.

Saint Michael is mentioned in the Old and New Testament as well as the Koran; he is regarded a protecter by Jews, Christians and Muslims alike.

500 grams

Prinknash history

The Benedictine Monks of Prinknash Abbey (Glouchester, UK) have been blending incense since 1906, when the community was on Caldey Island and are now the oldest major incense blenders in Europe.
The monks developed unique processes for blending the purest Arabian frankincense with precious aromatic oils and spices and created superior recipes for a range of incenses.
Consistent excellence ensures that each blend has its regular devoted customers.

For nearly nine hundred years the land known as Prinknash Park has been associated with Benedictine monks.
In 1096 the Giffard family, who had come to England with William the Conqueror, made a gift of the land to Serlo, Abbot of St. Peter's, Gloucester.
A large part of the present building was constructed during the abbacy of William Parker, last Abbot of Gloucester, around the year 1520.

In 1928, after centuries of use as a home for the gentry and nobility of Gloucestershire, six Benedictine monks arrived from Caldy Island to convert the house at Prinknash into a monastery.
The rest soon followed and after some years of poverty they managed to purchase all the land around the house to make Prinknash as it is today.


michel faes, Wednesday 29. December, 2010
perfecte afhandeling hartelijk dank en tot ziens michel.

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