Jinkoh Junenkoh

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Manufacturer:Baieido Japanse wierook
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Coiled incense, extra long burn time

Lovely traditional Japanse incense.

A traditional mix of aloeswood, sandelwood and Chinese herbs.

Recognisable scent of aloeswood and sandelwood but due to the long burn time this incense suprises you with a continious play of different aroma's like the scent of old leather, sweet chocolate, dried nuts, caramel, warm spices...

Very suited for meditation.
Ideal for large, open spaces.
Burns all day.

Long burn time of apprx. 8-12 hours.

130 grams, 14 coils with 9 cm diameter


Baieido has been producing high quality incense since 1657.
Only natural ingredients are used which burn cleanly with little or no smoke and no toxic fumes.

Baieido's incense is like opening a door and finding, to our joy, an old friend waiting there.
In this way it is good fortune to sit quietly, relax, and perhaps sip some tea while enjoying the exquisite offerings of fine Japanese incense.


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