Hunter liniment

Model: 13301
Manufacturer:Wilma Naturprodukter
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Lapland's "Tigerbalm"

For those aching muscles at the end of a day in the field there is this excellent Hunter Liniment.

Made according a proven recipe, this balm is a stock item for every Swede who takes to the woods.
Initially it rapidly cools the skin thus stimulating blood flow to the affected area resulting in a warm soothing sensation.
Hunter Liniment has a pleasant fresh scent.

Animal fat, beck oil, essential oil of cajeput, menthol, camphor, spruce and peppermint, vaseline, parafin

Apply to sore mucles and joint and massage in, rest for a while.

60 grams


Charles Jeffries, Sunday 14. June, 2015
This has a light, minty, pleasant scent to it, not overpowering like many mentholated liniments found at local stores. It works well for its purpose and little is needed. Make sure that you don't put it on and sleep on white/off-white clothing as it will leave a green stain on it.

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