Houjicha & Bikou Kobunboku

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The essence of the Land of the Rising Sun

Nothing represents Japan more beautifully then their take on incense and tea; therefore we've paired these two great products together to give you a deep insight in their culture: Bikou Kobunboku is a soft house incense and Houjicha Organic is an easy to enjoy and uncomplicated green tea.

Burn the incense while preparing and drinking the Houjicha, this way you activate all your senses: your nose to absorb the aroma of the tea and incense, your mouth to pallet all the flavors, your eyes to gaze upon the colors of the tea and swirls of incense smoke and your hands for experiencing the warmth and texture of the chawan.

Bikou Kobunboku

A traditional mix of Chinese herbs, with a little aloeswood and sandalwood.

Very soft and fresh herbal scent, with in the background a hint of aloeswood and sandalwood.

A classic Japanese incense, suited for daily use.
Makes a good house-incense.

Produces no smoke!

90 gram, approx. 200 sticks (14 cm long)

Houjicha Organic

It is a brown colored tea with a delious toasted nutty flavor, which appeals to all.

Since Houjicha is pan-roasted, it is very low in caffeine and therefore holds very little bitterness.
They also tend to be aromatic teas as well as being light on the palate and quite refreshing. It is perfect for making iced tea.
The clean, roasted flavours of houjicha go with any kind of food, particularly rich foods, and is often appreciated as an after-dinner tea.
In this sense is our Houjicha a delicious and affordable everyday tea .

Furthermore, it has medicinal properties too: in Japan, Houjicha is commonly given to babies and people who are sick because it is both nourishing and low in caffeine.

Organic sencha (roasted)

80 grams

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