Himalaya salt massage stone

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Nature's gift

Himalaya salt, a remnance of the ancients oceans, is truly a gift of nature: it contains over 84 minerals invaluable to our health.

This massage stone can be used to massage skin, fascia and muscles.
Salt has the added benefit of maintaining heat and cold for a long period of time so it can be used in either cold or heat therapy.

You heat the stone by micorwing it for 30 seconds or place it on a heating radiator; you cool it by putting it in the deep freezer for 30 minutes.
Use the flat side to treat larger surfaces more gently and use the rounded edges for deep tissue massage and triggerppint therapy.

The stone will deteriorate over time but the rest can be used as regular bath salt.

The salt has a light scrubbing effect and the tiny salt particles that imbed in the skin will make it tingle and glow afterwards.

200 grams


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