Harem pant (Men)

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Manufacturer:Prancing Leopard Organics
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Elegant and eco-chic

Prancing Leopard Organics Harem Pants are ideal for every activity.
They are made using our exclusive soft four-way stretch sueded jersey Organic Turkish Long-fiber Cotton fabric.
These Harem Pants are inspired by the classic lines of the Ottoman empire, they help you look hip and stylish everywhere.

Extensive sophisticated diagonal seams and a carefully cut profile bring these pants to life while flattering your figure.
Ribbed details on the leg cuffs and the high ribbed waistband accentuate the Harem design heritage.

Fabric: soft sueded jersey made of 95% Organic Turkish Long-fiber Cotton - 5% Lycra for stretch
Color: grey
Loose fit

About Prancing Leopard Organics

Sevda and Bert Holland of Prancing Leopard are passionate about the environment and community, to that fact their business model is centered on giving back to local, global and environmental communities.

Prancing Leopard Organics came from their simple need: to make organic activewear that is stylish and comfortable enough to go beyond yoga, dance and fitness activities so they could wear it throughout busy, multi-tasking days.
Synthetic blend clothing being sold for yoga practice seemed inappropriate for a holistic practice like yoga, it is confining, feels foreign on the body and is frequently styled as if yoga were a competitive sport.

Sevda and Bert longed for clothing that would help to live a 360° organic lifestyle - comfortable and stylish enough to go from the cafe to yoga, then to meetings or an evening out without changing.

Love, care and organic cotton: this is their passion. Theri dream is really great clothing that intelligently supports a dynamic lifestyle and a company that endeavors to give back to the society, culture and the earth in every way.