Hanamikura Junmai Ryorizake Cooking Sake

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High quality cooking sake

Since old times Sake has been said to be the best of all medicines

100% pure rice flavour, with a high content of amino acids for extra umami.

Serving tips:
First class sake for cooking, and more: although the brewer classifies his sake as ryorizake or cooking sake, it is of such quality that it can be drunk as well.
Ideal for meals where sake or (white) wine is required.

Prefecture : Kamo, Gifu
Brewery : Hakusen Shuzo
Type sake : Junmaishu
Rice grain after polishing :  
° Vol. : 14%
Sake meter value :  
Acidity :  
Serving temperature : Chilled

Rice, malted rice, yeast, natural water

720 ml