Foam Roller Tratac Active Fascia Roll

Model: 703101
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The Active Foam Roller

The unique design of the Tratac Roll sets a new standard for fascia rolls.
Outwards it has has the same properties as a regular foam roller:
It is made of expanded polypropylene (EPP), an eco-friendly, flexible and versatile plastic foam, robust and lightweight. 

Its rolls have an unique pattern, with alternating offset ridges, allowing the roll to roll smoothly without bumping along.

The real difference is that the Tratac Active Roll has an internal motor which creates deep vibrations that reach deeper layers of the tissue, loosening even the most tightened muscles and fascia.
It has 4 different vibration levels so you can it adjust it to your level of comfort or desired depth of massage.

The length of 45 cm leaves enough room to roll both legs at the same time.

Technical details:
• Ø 15 x 45 cm
• 4 vibration levels:
   * Level 1: 2.000 rpm
   * Level 2: 2.700 rpm
   * Level 3: pulsing vibration from 2.000-2.700-2.000 rpm
   * Level 4: 3,700 rpm
• automatic shut-off after 10 min.
• includes an AC adapter, workout DVD, exercise poster, carry bag and user manual (DE, EN, FR)
• battery: 9VDC-1.0A (dual battery)

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