Extra Kunsho Jirushi

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Manufacturer:Baieido Japanse wierook
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Beautiful aroma of wood and spices

Burning wood, herbs and spices was the primordial start of our fascination of incense.

A mix of chopped aloeswood, sandalwood , star anise, cloves and Chinese herbs, all of superior quality.

Delightful woody and herbal aroma, lush and rich, where there is an incredible combination between the warm and cool ingredients.
The scent taps into our primeval instincts and sooths the mind.

Reserve it for special occasion like offerings.
Can also be used in specific meditation sessions where a connection with nature and by extentions with you deep innerself is required.
Burn it on the Kodo charcoal tablets and when you want  to experience the purest scent sensation, place the chips on a mica plate.

25 gram


Baieido has been producing high quality incense since 1657.
Only natural ingredients are used which burn cleanly with little or no smoke and no toxic fumes.

Baieido's incense is like opening a door and finding, to our joy, an old friend waiting there.
In this way it is good fortune to sit quietly, relax, and perhaps sip some tea while enjoying the exquisite offerings of fine Japanese incense.


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