Zuko Excellent

Zuko Excellent

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Finely ground incense - temple quality!

Buddhist monks have used it for centuries for purification before ceremonies, preparing meals, or even touching another person.
It has its origins in ancient India where good hygiene and spreading germs was a major concern.
The ingredients are of superior quality and of this Zuko can be used in Japanese temples when performing even the most important ceremonies.

A traditional mix of finely ground powder made cinnamon, cassia, clove, sandalwood, borneol, star anise...

Warming and herbal woody scent, with the clear and recogisable presents of the spices.

A classic rubbing incense, place a little powder in your hands and rub them together, the heat of your hands will release the lovely warming, herbal aroma.
Rub some of it on pulse or energy point like the inside of your wrist, behind the ears...
Sligthly antiseptic so use it a method of purification before meditating, for cleansing your hands... but also use it because of its great scent.

Economical in use, this bag goes a long way.

15 grams

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