Yoga Pants W (Wool & Silk)

Yoga Pants W (Wool & Silk)

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Engel High-performance Athletic Wear Yoga pants

These yoga pants are from the high-performance line of athletic wear designed for yoga made from soft, 100% non-scratch fabric.

Superfine and with a fabric weight of 240g/m2 - these leggings make both an ideal base as well as a top layer.
This stretchy, high-performance piece won’t wear out, and conform to every movement without constricting. Lightweight and yet cozy and warming, this material made from superfine merino wool and silk is exceptionally effective in supporting the way your skin functions by regulating body temperature and managing moisture.

Suited for
Great for yoga, pilates, tai chi... but also perfect as thermal pants when the temperatures hit below freezing.

Easy to clean, machine washable at 30°C with wool detergent or when in a pinch, just dry a wet shirt in fresh air and you're good to go!

Fabric: 70% organic merino wool - 30% silk
Color: black 
Semi fit
Label: GOTS

Additional information

About Engel

For over 30 years, Engel has been manufacturing clothing from natural fibers to the highest ecological standards – out of respect for both skin and nature.
Engel Sport's garments are manufactured in Germany in compliance with the criteria for socially responsible labor practices, and are certified under the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

Engel Sport Athletic Wear

This line of apparel utilizes a new material made from superfine merino fibers that are only 17.5 micron thick and combined with exquisite silk, allowing the wearer to experience the ultimate in comfort. The merino sheep that produce the wool are certified organic livestock from South America.

The combination of merino wool and silk results in maximum breathability, comfortably insulating the wearer against temperature extremes. The inclusion
of 2% spandex reinforces the natural elasticity of the wool fibers, enabling the clothing to retain its shape extremely well.

Engel Sport's apparel provides the highest level of functionality for nearly every type of athletic activity, both indoors and out. The snug-fitting design and superlative properties of the material allow the garments to cling to the body, conforming to the wearer’s every movement.

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