Yerba mate lemon (100 grams tea can)

Yerba mate lemon (100 grams tea can)

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Gentle flavor yerba mate with lemon, sustainably grown

A particularly smooth and pleasant tasting yerba mate flavored with lemon juice and packed in handy biodegradable corn starch tea bags.
The yerba mate comes from certified food forests with a rich bio-diversity and where the leaves are only harvested every two years.
The quality of the plants and the way of growing ensures that the taste is softer and sweeter with much less bitterness than other varieties.
It can be drunk hot or cold.

This yerba mate has a rich flavor that is somewhere between coffee and green tea.
It is fine to enjoy in itself, you do not need to sweeten it at all.
The lemon aroma is only very slightly present, it provides more of a fresh aftertaste than being explicitly present.

The tea bags make this yerba mate really easy to prepare:

  • put 1 sachet per 250-300ml water
  • add boiling water
  • let it steep (30 seconds) if you want a soft taste, let it steep longer for more tannins and bitter taste

You can safely drink it daily, but because it still contains a strong portion of caffeine which has a natural stimulating effect, it is best to drink:

  • in the morning
  • when you need a boost
  • before the start a solid workout or yoga session
  • ideal to end a meditation

Sustainably grown roasted maté and natural lemon flavor (3%), without pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or GMOs

Content: 15 tea bags (30 grams)
Packaging: Recycled cardboard outer packaging with individual plastic bags and biodegradable corn starch tea bags

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