Ultimate protein smoothie mix (sunwarrior classic + 24 matcha sticks + mason jar)

Ultimate protein smoothie mix (sunwarrior classic + 24 matcha sticks + mason jar)

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Mason jar (0.5 litre)
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Everything you need to make a killer protein smoothie!

With the Ultimate protein smoothie mix you have everything you need to nourish your body before or after a killer workout:

  • sunwarrior Classic + Chocolate (750 grams)
  • 24 matcha to go sticks
  • mason jar drinking glass 0.5 liter with lid and straw

The Sunwarrior Classic+ is an easily digestible nutrient-rich 100% vegan superfood with a fantastic tasty chocolate taste, perfect for anyone who wants to strengthen their health and fitness level: in a balanced diet and exercise schedule, the Classic + gives you more energy, builds muscles and it helps you to control your body weight (ideal meal replacement).
It has an impressive 68% protein profile (= 100 grams of powder contains 68 grams of vegetable protein)!

The Moya Matcha Traditional to go sticks, made from the first and second pick, are 24 practical portion packs.
It is rich in catechin (antioxidant), amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and it has a solid serving of caffeine (theine).
This matcha has a soft, rather rounded green tea flavor, accessible to everyone and versatile in use.

The handy and sturdy mason jar with a large capacity of 50cl has a handle, an aluminum screw lid with opening and a sturdy, reusable straw with a blocking ring so that you cannot lose it.
Nice and sustainable: reusable and made from recycled glass.

Put 1 scoop of sunwarrior powder and the desired number of matcha sticks in the mason jar and pour 300 ml of water or favorite milk (almond, coconut, hazelnut ...) on top.
The powder mixes well without clumping.

Sunwarrrior Classic+ protein powder (patented protein blend of brown rice, peas, quinoa, chia seeds, cocoa flavored amaranth, chocolate flavor, sea salt, guar fiber, stevia - all from 100% controlled natural farming with no pesticide, herbicide or fertilizers)
Content: 750 grams
Flavor: chocolate
Extra: with supplied dosing spoon

Matcha to go sticks (100% sustainable green tea sencha from 1st and 2nd harvest, from family tea plantations (Japan), grown without pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers or GMOs)
Content: 24 individually packed pouches of 1.5 grams

Mason jar
Material: recycled glass, aluminum lid, plexiglass straw
Content: 0.5 liter
Dishwasher safe

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