Tugg Kada (chewing gum)

Tugg Kada (chewing gum)

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Nature's original chewing gum

It is well documented that chewing pine resin has been done by many Northern people like Sami (Sweden), Native Americans (USA) and Siberian people.

Our tuggkåda is still being made like it has been done for centuries: resin of the spruce (Picea abies) is being collected, purified, processed and ripend to an authentic product without adding sugars, flavorings or other artificial products.

Its flavor might be a challenge for some as it has a distinctive flavor of pineresin and terpentine.
The tuggkåda becomes milder the longer you chew but it will keep its main flavor for a very long time.
While you chew, it will temper your appetite.

You can chew the tuggkåda like any ordinary chewing gum but it also has well documented medicinal properties. It can be used to prevent tooth decay, mouth infections and other paradontal issues.

Spruse resin (Picea abies) from wild harvest

Contents: 15 gram

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