Triggerpoint Massage Roller (stick)

Triggerpoint Massage Roller (stick)

Model: VM0326
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Triggerpoint roller for painful and sore muscles

This rollerstick is specially designed to simultaneously compres and stretch muscles and connective tissues. 

This causes the muscles to relax, blood flow gets improved, flexibility enhanced and muslce soreness reduced.
It helpt the muscles to recover faster after an intensive workout.

The stick is particulary great in dealing with myofascial triggerpoints.
Myofascial triggerpoints are patches of muscle tissues that feel like sensitive knots. 
Muscles plagued by triggerpoints don't function properly causing them to tighten up, getting fatigued fast and feel painful.

After working out or when experiencing sore / stiff muscles.
Roll repeatily over the entire length of the muscle where you constantly change direction and pressure.
Suited for massage and self-massage.
The stick is very easy to use and is easily transportable.

46 cm long with independant moving rollers

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