Tonka beans (dried)

Tonka beans (dried)

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Magic beans from South America

Tonka beans are used in magical incantations, mainly to conjure a very passionate love that will last through-out ones' earthly life.

Their fragrance is described as being hypnotic, is reminiscent of vanilla, almonds, cinnamon, and cloves.

It is also believed that Tonka Beans can grant or help one fulfill desires and wishes by using the bean in a variety of methods.
Burn some crushed beans on a charcoal tablet for releasing the magic scent.
Share pairs of Tonka Beans with friends to ensure Harmony or carry Tonka Beans with you to attract Good Fortune.
Tonka beans are often used in sachets and potpourri where they are said to lighten one's mood and be emotionally balancing.

These pure Tonka Beans are not intended to be used internally!

50 grams

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