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Tibetan incense purse

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Holy smoke

This Tibetan Incense Purse contains:

  • 4 different sorts of incense sticks
  • Turtle incense stick holder
  • Mantra booklet

This Set was created to unite the power of nature (incense) and the energy of the word (mantra's) and to lead us human beings back to ourselves.

Himalaya-Cedar: Divine tree - strengthens, grounds and is supposed to help prevent streaks of bad luck. 
Myrrh: Remedy for the soul - is believed to be a strong cleansing and enfolds us in security.
Sandalwood: Inner peace - relaxes and calms the hectic stream of thoughts.

Citronella: Invigorating and refreshing - strengthens concentration and clarity.

These incense sticks are produced according to age old traditional Tibetan recipes.
Tibetan Incense sticks are not rolled onto a bamboo stick, they solely consist of herbs, resins and lumbers that are mixed up into a paste and then shaped by hand.

Due to this pureness they are able to lead the consciousness into deep spheres. 
Medicinal herbs, resins and special lumbers have always been processed into incense sticks in order to make the access to their effective power easier for people.

Through the scent, a special atmosphere unfolds in our rooms.
We can purposefully use it to come to rest, work with better concentration, charge ourselves with energy or to endorse our meditation.

Mantras are holy words that have been used for centuries to enhance the vibration.
By reciting them, one achieves a tender peace.

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