Thor hammer with wolves

Thor hammer with wolves

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Tough looking pendant Thor's Hammer with Wodan's wolves Geri and Freki

Made from almost indestructible stainless steel, this sturdy pendant is a modern, contemporary version of the Thors hammer but decorated with classic themes including beautifully worked wolf heads.
It has an impressive appearance as well as a powerful, inspiring symbolism:

  • Thor or Donar, the god of thunder, was honored as the protector of humanity and his main attribute, the hammer Mjolnir, was worn by the Germanic and Nordic peoples as a protective amulet
  • The necklace has beautifully finished heads of Geri and Freki on the ends, the wolves of Wodan / Odin who serve the supreme god on the battlefield, among other things.
  • the hammer is decorated with Viking decorative patterns and a valknut
  • the back of the hammer has a nice diamond pattern like a chain mail

What can you use the Thors hammer with wolves for?
This sturdy Thor hammer pendant made of solid stainless steel can take a beating and is therefore perfect to take with you on your next outdoor adventure or festival.
The pendant has an impressive presence and is therefore quite showy.
The ring lock allows you to add other items to the pendant.

Material: stainless steel
Thor hammer dimensions: 42 mm x 30 mm x 8 mm
Total length necklace: 70 cm
Chain thickness: 6 mm
Weight: 136 grams

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