Thor hammer with goat skulls

Thor hammer with goat skulls

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Thor's hammer with the billy goats Tandgniostr en Tandgrisnir

This tough Thors hammer is a tribute to the Asen god Thor himself:

  • made of stainless steel and can therefore take a beating
  • in the center of the hammer is the rune Thurisaz (giant or thorn), dedicated to Thor
  • decorated with two goat skulls

You can wear this modern interpretation of the classic Thors hammer protective amulet on a daily basis.
Because it is stainless steel, this hammer is perfect to take with you on a trip, outdoor adventure or festival.

Thor or Donar, the god of thunder, was revered as the protector of mankind and his most important attribute, his hammer, was worn by the Germanic and Nordic peoples as a protective amulet.

Tandgniostr  (teeth grinder) and Tandgrisnir (teeth crusher) are the two goats who pull  Thor 's chariot.
They are not only his means of transport, Thor can kill and eat the goats and then put the bones in their skins so that he can use his hammer to bring Mjölnir the magic animals back to life the next morning.

Material: stainless steel
Dimensions: 42mm x 39mm x 10mm

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