Thor hammer Helmet

Thor hammer Helmet

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Beautiful Thor Hammer decorated with the iconic Viking viking spectacle helmet

This modern interpretation of the classic Thors hammer depicts a 10th century Viking helmet of the spectacle helmet type. This helmet gave the wearer more face protection, especially around the eyes, like goggles would.

Made from stainless steel but not solid, this beautifully finished pendant is sturdy to withstand a knock but light enough to wear comfortably around the neck for extended periods of time.

It has an impressive appearance as well as a powerful, inspiring symbolism: Thor of Donar, the god of thunder, was honored as a protector of mankind and his main attribute, the hammer Mjölnir, was worn by the Germanic and Nordic peoples as a protective amulet.
The goggle helmet enhances the protective power of this Thors hammer.

Material: stainless steel (not solid)
Dimensions: 43mm x 33mm
Weight: 17 grams

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