Tamonten (malachite)

Tamonten (malachite)

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Protective God of Treasure, Wealth, & Warriors

Beautiful out of malachite handcrafted little statue of a Japanese god, named Tamonten.
Its age is undetermined but it has minor some wear and tear of use so we estimate it to be at least 20 years old.

Great addition to the living room or office and if you place Tamonten in the northern part of the room, he protects and safeguards against negative energy.
Additionally, for those who believe he also provides richess and wealth.

Material: solide malachite
Length: 12 cm
Width: 6 cm
Depth: 7 cm
Weight: 1050 grams

Additional information

Origins of the deity
Tamonten (or Bishamonten, Bishamon, Bishamon Tennō, Tobatsu Bishamon) holds a special place for the Japanese as he is one of the four Shitennō, Heavenly Kings Protecting the Four Directions.
He is worshipped as a Protector of Buddhism, Guardian of the North, Dispenser of Riches, Defender of the Nation, Scourge of Evil Doers, Healer of Ilness, Protector of the capital & Repeller of (foreign) invaders.

His origin can be traced back to India where he was a Vedic deity incorporated into Buddhism known as Vaishravana.

Tamonten is dressed in armor, looking ferocious; in the right hand he always carries a weapon, here a sword, to eliminate evil influences and suppress the enemies of Buddhism.
In his left hand he holds a Stupa or Pagoda, his main identifying attribute, which represents the divine treasure house of Buddha's teachings and symbolically contains the precious relics (ashes, bones, nail clippings, hair, teeth, etc.) of Buddha's cremated body.
Tamonten is both a protector of and dispenser of its bounty but he shares the pagoda's vast treasures with only "the worthy."

The statue is made out of a solid rock of malachite, a powerful and protective stone.
It shields against danger and negative energy, while providing emotional balance and stability. It also reduces fear and oppressed emotions that harm us.
The properties of malachite correpond perfectly with those of Tamonten.

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