Swedish leather grease (lädersmorning)

Swedish leather grease (lädersmorning)

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Only what also good is for the skin, is good enough for leather

In the high north nature is awesome but also unforgiving; taking good care of you equipment is essential for survival.

Since centuries the inhabitants of Lapland have relied on Kangskosmorning for taking care of their leather goods.
It is truly an old fashion, high quality product, made in a traditional way using only 100% natural ingredients birch oil, kad salva and lanoline making it skin friendly while it is extremely nourishing and waterrepellant.


  • Cleans, preserves, water-proofs, polishes and restores a rich color to faded shoes and leather gear
  • Aids in keeping leather goods dry during even the most severe rain storms
  • Helps prevent water, salt and perspiration from drying out leather
  • Great for dress shoes, sneakers, purses, briefcases, luggage and many other leather goods

Does not stain leather.

Contents: 70 grams
Packaging: tin can

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