Sportgel Calming

Sportgel Calming

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First aid Massage gel for sore muscles and joints

The Calming liquid gel is the ideal way to quickly cool, calm and restore heated and overloaded muscles, ligaments, joints and skin:

  • effective and fast analgesic effect
  • the gel dries quickly and is not greasy
  • pretty pleasant scent

To the aloe vera base was added, inter alia, magnesium chloride and the essential oils of field mint, witch hazel, straw flower, laurel ...
This combination ensures that the skin cools considerably so that blood flow is stimulated, so that nutrients are supplied faster and waste products are removed more quickly.

Calming is an excellent first aid for acute overloading of muscles, strains, sprains ... but also for (tension) headaches and light sunburn.
Take it to the gym and on your adventurous vacation.

Apply the gel to the affected skin, muscles and joints.Ideal after a physical effort or intense workout.

Water, aloe vera, magnesium chloride, essential oil of field mint, witch hazel, straw flower, laurel...

Content: 200 ml
Packing: glass

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