Soy scented candle glass Kvasir

Soy scented candle glass Kvasir

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Handmade soy scented candle dedicated to Kvasir, the wisest of the gods of the Vikings and Germanic people

This delicious, natural soy scented candle (D7.5 × H10 cm) lives up to the name of kvasir it bears: it has been specially developed on the basis of natural and sustainable soy, enriched with the natural essential oils of verbena, jasmine and rose to obtain a seductive scent that helps you with:

  • calming and relaxing the mind
  • removing anxiety and stress
  • achieving harmony with yourself and the world

Zero-waste is highly valued: this scented candle comes in a glass holder that is made from a wine bottle and has a wooden lid so that you can later use the holder as a container for various purposes.
Alls  is packed in a sturdy but minimalistic way in 100% recyclable cardboard packaging.

What aroma does the Kvasir scented candle have?

It has a soft, diverse floral scent, very slightly sweet and just complex enough to last but not intrusive or distracting.

Where and when is it best to burn the candle?

The aroma immediately creates a very soothing atmosphere.
The scented candle Kvasir is pleasant to use every day and fits in all kind of settings such as living room, bedroom and bathroom but as well in office spaces or study rooms.
Great to burn during the day or when you're having a stressful day.
You can also burn it in the room where you meditate or do yoga if you want to get a soft session.

How long does this scented candle burn?

Estimated burning time of the candle is about 50 hours (because this scented candle is handmade and therefore unique, the burning time may differ slightly).

Composition of the soy scented candle Kvasir

Soy wax
The basis of this scented candle is 100% natural and sustainable soy wax, which has the following advantages over standard paraffin candles:

  • burns three times as long as paraffin candles
  • burns at a lower temperature than paraffin candles, which benefits the aroma of the essential oils
  • releases no toxic chemical compounds when burned
  • has only a limited own scent so that you can optimally enjoy the essential oils
  • soy wax residues are easy to clean and do not leave stains
  • of sustainable origin

Candle wick of wood
No cotton wick, the Kvasir scented candle has a wooden wick with the following advantages:

  • they create a more lively flame that crackles gently like logs in a campfire
  • they burn more evenly and cleaner, so less soot than with classic fuses

It is recommended to trim it regularly, this improves the size of the flame.
Remove the wick ashes from the soy wax so that it can burn optimally.

Cedar Essential Oil
The wonderful pine scent of cedar has a calming, strengthening and rejuvenating effect. It gives a feeling of comfort and is therefore recommended for feelings of fear, anger and stress.
Cedar essential oil improves self-confidence in your own abilities and encourages leadership.
The cedar tree symbolizes abundance and wealth.

Saffron is an excellent tonic for both body and mind.
The Romans valued the scent of saffron and considered it "gently soothing" and was often compared by poets to the soft colors of sunrise or sunset.

Myrrh Essential Oil
Myrrh has been a symbol of wealth, health and prosperity for centuries.
Myrrh essential oil has antiseptic properties, stops inflammation and speeds healing.
The scent of myrrh helps organize thoughts and prevents you from indulging in irrelevant details.
This fragrance is particularly suitable for meditation as it helps to ward off self-centered thoughts, calms irritation and improves sleep.

Sandalwood Essential Oil
The aroma of sandalwood harmonizes and calms, helping to reduce stress and anxiety, and it is a perfect mood booster for those who have gloomy thoughts or fears.
Sandalwood has been used for centuries as an offering to the gods and is now always often used during meditation.


Material: upcycled glass container with wooden lid in cardboard packaging
Dimensions: D7.5 × H10 cm
Content: 200 grams
Composition: soy wax, essential oil of verbena, jasmine and rose

Additional information

In Germanic mythology,  Kvasir is a diplomat created by the Aesir and Vanes who had to resolve the disputes between the two families without bloodshed and in a peaceful way.

Kvasir was created from the saliva of the gods of Aesir and Vanes, and his wisdom was known throughout the world.
He was therefore killed by Fjalar and his brother Galar, two dwarves who were after his knowledge.
It is said that by adding fermented honey to the blood of Kvasir, they then made the Poet's mead which gives inspiration to poets and bards.

Together with this handmade soy scented candle you get a simple magical meditation/affirmation ritual and tips for using the candle (in English).

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