Smiling Buddha in wood (50 cm)

Smiling Buddha in wood (50 cm)

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Wooden statue of a Smiling Buddha

It depicts not Buddha but a Chinese Zen-master, called Poe-Tai-Ho-Sang.
He lived in China somewhere between 6th and 10th century, happily, most of the time surrounded by children.
As he found buddha within, after his death was revered as a popular hero and god of happiness.

His likeness is nowadays known over the whole world as the smiling or potbellied buddha, bringer of wealth and happiness.

This Buddha stand on a bag of gifts, which provide for good living; in his right hand he holds Chinese coins on a string, symbol of (physical) wealth; in his left hand he holds a Ru Yi, the fysical sign of authority, mainly carried by high ranking officials; on his left shoulder sits a gourd, a powerful symbol for warding off evil spirits and ensuring many offsprings; on his back he carries as a sign of humility a douli, a straw or bamboo hat, worn by peasant, workers and monks while traveling.

Made out of solid wood
Measurements: H50 x W25 x D23 cm

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