Sjamanistic incense Himalaya

Sjamanistic incense Himalaya

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Ritual herbal incense mix from the Himalayas

This set contains 12 traditional Dhoops made shamanistic and ritual purposes (use charcoals to burn).

7-herbs Dhoop: helps one center
Lakshmi Dhoop: creates inner wealth
Peace Dhoop: harmonises, clears troubles
Rememberance Dhoop: strengthens memory, especially those of past lifes
Tiwanee Dhoop: deeply calming, excellent for meditation
Deva Dhoop: clarifies, brings you in contact with nature
Lingam Dhoop: tantric Yang - male afrodisiacum
Yoni Dhoop: tantric Yin - female afrodisiacum
Bokshi dhoop: blocks the evil eye and negative energy
Maha Dhoop: honoring the female divinity
Ganga Dhoop: strengthens mental rescilliance and make energy flow
Sal incense: powerful shamanistic trancental incense

Each little box contains 30 grams

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