Shawl Himalaya

Shawl Himalaya

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One of kind poncho made of nettle yarn

This crochet shawl is completely handmade from nettle yarn using traditional, artisan techniques from the Himalayan region.
Make a statement, it is great to wear as an elegant, fashionable accessory or use it while meditating

Nettles have been used for centuries by different cultures as a source of fiber, such as in our regions as the well-known nettle cloth.
After cutting the stem, the bark is removed so only leaving the long en strong fibers that are perfect for processing into yarn and fabric.

Material: 100% nettle fiber
Color: natural
Size: 225 x 60 cm
Washing instructions: cold hand wash with just a little mild soap or in the washing machine on delicate wool wash, never wring out or in the dryer

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