Shavette Cut Throat open razor

Shavette Cut Throat open razor

Model: VM0481
EAN: 2950003657290
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Getting a barber's shave

The Shavette 'Cut Throat' is a classic razor but with interchangeable blades (double edge blades) so that sharpening is not required.
This razor is made of black coated stainless steel, has a beautiful wooden handle and is a handy storage case.
It already contains a razor blade so you can get started right away (blade with a sharpness of 1 in 5, this is very suitable for beginners, people with sensitive skin and soft beard growth).

The Guardenza Cut Throat is ideal for:

  • a comfortable and very smooth shave
  • precisely grooming your sideburns, beard lines, neck lines and goatees ...

How to use
A shavette is easier and safer to use than an open razor because it is not necessary to sharpen it for use.
Practice in the beginning by shaving the sideburns and cheeks when you get the hang of it, you can also shave the throat and around the mouth.

  • To prepare the razor, halve a double edge blade by cutting it in half and sliding one half into the shavette
  • Moisten the face well with warm water and soap
  • Open the razor and hold it with your thumb and 3 fingers
  • Hold the razor at an angle of 30 degrees to the skin
  • Apply a light pressure to the razor, the blade must do the job
  • Tighten the skin while shaving with the free hand and shave with calm, even movements
  • Always close the blade when it is not in use
  • Replace the blade regularly, this is more hygienic and you avoid skin irritation by using a blunt blade
  • Always use the razor in a safe and careful manner!

Material: rosewood
Length: 13 cm
Shaving blade
Material: black coated stainless steel
Length: 13 cm

Total weight: 46 gr
Comes with storage cover and 1 blade

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