Shakuntal clay mask

Shakuntal clay mask

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The ayurvedic Herbo-Mineral body cleanser

Shakuntal is a base of clay naturally rich in minerals with an effective mixture of 23 different powdered herbs like ginger root, sandalwood bark, neem bark, licorice wood, triphala, root of mango ginger, calamus and others which are chosen for their astringent and cleansing action.
The clay which is known on the Indian subcontinent as multani matti has a water absorbing capacity and is also know to be antiseptic. 

The astringent action mobilises cell metabolism and helps to throw out excessive fluid. 
In spring time a dry massage (Udvartan) with Shakuntal is very good for this cleansing process. On smaller portions of the body a mask or wet pack has a deep pore cleansing and skin tightening action. Both are ideally suited for oily skin. 

How to use
Among other uses the ancient ayurvedic texts suggest a dry massage after a work out. Sweat and dirt gets absorbed by the herbal-clay, the pores get opened and cleaned and the skin is rubbed clear of dry and dead skin particles.
Similarly after an oil massage or as part of a regular body cleansing routine Shakuntal can be used instead of soap. After a good rub down with Shakuntal the skin feels silky smooth and refreshingly clean and has a radiant healthy glow.

Contents: 50 grams

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